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  • 04 Oct, 2020
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Drills For Sale: How To Find The Right Drill Bit For Your Job?

Drills are one of the most indispensable tools that use a chipping motion or rotation to make holes. Hardwearing, sturdy, and robust, drill bits can easily cut through the toughest materials without causing any trouble. No matter whether you are a construction worker, an electrical contractor, or a homeowner, choosing the finest quality DRILLS FOR SALE is essential.

But, with a construction project coming up, are you unsure about how to choose the right tool for your job? Approach RHINO DISTRIBUTION – the reputable suppliers of drills in Ireland.

Drills are handy, versatile, and easy to use tools that can tackle all kinds of projects. Fabricators and machinists use drilling equipment daily and proper drill bit selection can help you save both money and time. And, regardless of what your options are, you need to research your options to decide what kind of drill is best for you.


Rhino Distribution offers you a detailed insight into choosing drill bits for your next project.


A plethora of drilling equipment is available on the market nowadays, making selection both time-consuming and challenging. Each of these has different functions and can drill through different materials. Some of the most common types of drilling tools are-


The electrical INDUSTRIAL DRILL has a motor that electrically powers the equipment to drill. With their compact and gun-like structure, the ergonomic shape offers a great grip for the users. Used mainly for home renovation projects, these tools can perforate materials like metal, wood, cement, plastic, etc.


The hammer is the do-everything tool of the drill world. What makes these tools so powerful is they can break through harder surfaces like stone, bricks, wood, and masonry/concrete. Most hammer drills allow you to choose hammer drilling or driving with the clutch. This means that you can turn the hammering off whenever you want and use it like any other drill driver.


When it comes to DRILLS FOR SALE, these are another popular option. Even though they share similarities with electric drills, they do not use the cord. Instead, they come with a battery that enables them to move around freely.


Besides drilling, electric screwdrivers have another major function. Just the way its name suggests, this tool can put in and take out screws. Electric screwdrivers are the ideal tool for projects that need screwing in or out in an effective way.



HSS DRILL BITS are heat resistant, harder and can drill metal at greater cutting speeds than that of high-carbon steel. Rhino Distribution offers a wide range of High-speed steel bits in a variety of lengths.


In spite of being more brittle than the HSS bits, cobalt drill bits are perfect for drilling harder steel and stainless steel grades. Although they are more expensive than the other drill bits, they tend to last longer.


These bits are effective for drilling stone, tile, or other hard materials. However, ensure you do not use water to prevent damages to the tool. It is recommended to use these tools in specific tasks.


Educating yourself on drills can help you make a well-informed purchase that perfectly suits your needs. So what are you still pondering over? Approach the specialists at Rhino Distribution to choose high-quality drills!


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