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  • 19 Aug, 2020
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Selecting The Best Werner Ladders For Work Safety: A Handy Guide

One of the major causes of fatal accidents to workers when working at heights is the loss of stability. Working at height remains one of the biggest causes of fatalities and hazards at Irish workplaces. In fact, even falling objects can cause severe injuries that may lead to death, brain damage, multiple fractures, or paralysis. Since these occupational hazards are often the result of using wrong climbing devices, choosing Werner ladders is crucial to work safety.

Climbing devices are such an everyday tool that most people take them for granted. While homeowners can be known to use a step stool to reach the higher shelves, the pros need a ladder collection for all sorts of situations. From stepladders and extensions to multi-purpose ladders, they need a range of climbing devices to carry out their job with the utmost precision and safety. Using the wrong ladder; one that is unsuitable for the task or too short can result in major accidents. So approaching Rhino Distribution – a leading Irish supplier who offers Werner ladder is crucial.

Here’s a detailed insight into choosing the right ladder.

Reasons To Choose Werner Ladders For Your Job

Werner is the leading name in the industry with their range of ladders. Not only do they have the right tool for every job, but they also have the accessories that can make your job convenient and safer. Moreover, with the stability provided by their ladders, they let you complete every job with the utmost care and attention to delivering great results.

    • Premium quality ladders with non-slip treads
    • Wide range from small steps to tall ladders
    • Specifically designed for enhanced safety and security
    • Includes accessories for safer working
    • Focused on the specific needs of the users

Elements To Consider When Choosing Ladder Platforms

  1. Decide On The Ladder Style

With the availability of a plethora of ladder types on the market, the foremost step is selecting the right style for the job. Different ladder types are specifically designed to keep you productive and safe when standing or climbing. Simply ignoring the limitations or using the wrong kind can lead to a fall or serious injuries. While most users know only of the basic step and extension ladders, Werner ladders offer a range of ladders.

  1. Choose The Proper Height

Another vital consideration to keep in mind is selecting the proper height. Make sure you choose a ladder that’s perfectly suited to your needs. With extension ladders, the highest standing level and maximum working ladder come in to play. On the other hand, step ladders include the ladder’s length both when open and the maximum height you wish to reach.

  1. Select The Right Weight Capacity

Homeowners do not need a super heavy-duty ladder. However, professionals need to ensure that the ladder they are using can support both them and their tools. Werner ladders are specifically designed and constructed for holding a particular amount of weight borne by an individual and any load that they are carrying.

Available in different duty ratings, ladders are usually identified by their type and grade. Duty ratings are the safe load-carrying capacity of the ladder, which includes a person’s fully clothed weight and the weight of tools and materials that are particularly carried onto your ladder.

  1. Opt For The Right Material

The final step in choosing the right ladder is choosing the appropriate material. Werner specialises in offering a range of ladder platforms like fibreglass, aluminium, combination, multi-purpose, etc. Each material comes with its own set of characteristics that are ideal for certain applications.

So, depending on what your needs are, you need to choose a material that best meets the personal preferences of the user. For instance, potential contacts with a hostile environment and electrical wires like exposure to outdoor storage or certain chemicals must have a significant impact on the selection of material.


Ladders are a must-have tool for every electrician and technician. So, what are you still waiting for? Approach Rhino Distribution and buy Werner ladders that best meet the needs of your trade.

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