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  • 30 Oct, 2020
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Where Does Rhino Distribution Fit In The Life Of Electrical Wholesalers?

The name ‘Rhino Distribution’ is synonymous with all things electrical. With a strong reputation for providing the finest quality electrical equipment and tools to businesses throughout Ireland, the brand specialises in offering top-notch tools and equipment for the trade. Dealing with builder merchants, hire stores, and electrical wholesalers in Dublin is an important part of their business and they go the extra mile to meet the clients’ needs.

Whether you need cutting tools and drill bits or you are seeking safety workwear, renowned suppliers have everything you need. They stock a vast array of essential and reliable electrician tools for a plethora of tasks. As experts, they even recognise the challenges electrical wholesalers face in their business and are committed to helping them become future-proof players in the industry.

Here’s all you need to know about seeking tools from the specialists

What Is The Role Of Rhino Distribution – Leading Suppliers Of Electrical Tools? 

Supplies Premium Quality Electrical Tools: Top distributors that offer everything electrical to meet the diverse needs of wholesalers and electricians. No matter whether you are new to the trade or a veteran, it is essential to have a plethora of equipment and tools to carry out all kinds of electrical tasks. And that’s what they do: they ensure all your electrical needs are met.

They Are Here To Stay: One of the most crucial roles of a reputed distributor like Rhino Distribution is that they are here to stay. From constantly updating their portfolio and serving you with quality electrical tools to giving you professional advice, they can be your dependable partner for growth.

Provides Advice: Yes, you can check out their wide range of equipment in their shop or browse online. But it’s much better when you can explain to the experts what your needs are, and they help you find that or choose one that exceeds your expectations. No matter how tough your questions are or what items you need, these experts can sort them out with the greatest products.

How Do Top Suppliers Work With Irish Electrical Wholesalers?

• Provides Top-Notch Equipment & Tools

As reputable suppliers, Rhino Distribution offers the best-in-class electrical equipment and tools from some of the most leading brands around to Irish electrical wholesalers. They stock quality products from DeWalt, Stanley, Gorilla, Cetaform, Power, and many other top names. So, when you approach these experts, be assured that they always have something new to offer.

• Gives Unparalleled Advice

With constant advancements, new products and new technologies are often replacing old items for better solutions. Therefore, distributors provide up-to-date and expert advice to wholesalers, and can even function as the bridge between the manufacturers and customers. Also, they can do recommendations based on specific needs.

• Offers Excellent Support

Besides supplying quality products, top distributors of electrical accessories also offer first-class support. With their extensive knowledge and reliable services, they are always committed to providing services second to none.

• Gives Attractive Deals

Value for money is always important to these specialists and so you can be assured that their pricing will always be competitive. When you buy in bulk from reputed distributors, you can get special discounts. Furthermore, you can benefit from regular promotions, and special offer catalogues.


Choosing the right distributor can be the key to getting tools that are sturdy, long-lasting, and versatile. No matter whether you are one of the premier electrical wholesalers in Dublin or a hire store, Rhino Distribution can meet all your electrical needs.

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